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If you've got questions, we have the answers. Click on the questions below to get the information you need. If you still need some more information, why not get in touch with use through the Contact Us page.

How Do I/We get a site like this?
Get in touch with us through the Contact Us page and request more information. Currently, our custom training sites are built from this template in 3 steps:
  1. We take your training materials and convert them for web use.
  2. We create a website for you with your brand.
  3. We seed the contractor training management system with your vendor data.


How much does it cost?
That's the magic question and the answer is dependant on your needs. There are two costs:

  • Setup Costs - A one time cost that will vary depending on your training needs.
  • Hosting Costs - A monthly charge based once again on your training needs.

Use the Contact Us page to send us a message requestion more information.

Can I use my companies brand, colors. logo, etc?
Of course! We will take your company brand and weave it into the Contractor Training Management System template to create a unique site that looks like yours but behaves like the demo.
How do I get my video onto the website?
In order to properly present video on the web, 4 different versions of your video must be generated:
  • an MP4
  • an OGG
  • a WebM
  • and a Flash video version.
Courier a copy of your video to us and we'll do a professional job of converting it for presentation on the web.

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I really appreciate the usability of our Contractor Training Management System; it makes a big difference in my day to be able to focus on other things… like my job.
- Duane G. - Training Manager

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